I am an experienced and motivated teacher with over 20 years experience teaching guitar, music theory, piano, composition and ear training. I do not follow a traditional teaching syllabus; I custom-design the lessons with the student's passions and goals in mind.
I have a Masters Degree in Music Composition. I teach music composition at The Australian Institute of Music. I also offer private tuition out of my home in Mount Dandenong, Vic.
I am motivated by the challenges of teaching and the joy that results from overcoming these challenges and watching a student achieve their goals. I have always been passionate about spreading the magic of music, and I have a range of practical capabilities.

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Lesson One

Picking on One String

For Each Exercise:
• Repeat the same on each string.
• Focus on coordination & efficiency - NOT speed. Speed can come later.
• An important element here is to keep unused strings silent throughout the exercise - find your own comfortable and efficient method of 'muting' the unused strings.

Exercise 1: Finger 1 only - All down strokes

From here on in, use what we will call Alternate picking (Down, Up, Down, Up etc)

Exercise 2: Finger 1 only



Exercise 3: Fingers 1 & 2


Exercise 4: Fingers 1, 2, 3 & 4