"The History of Rock"

34 classic riffs crammed into 3 minutes...in order of release date. Starts with 1958, Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry and ends with 2008, Rock & Roll Train by AC~DC

"The Craving"
Original composition, 2 minute version


"Only in My Dreams" (original song, demo)

Session Guitarist

Songwriters, producers and artists who need great sounding, creative guitar tracks, played by a real guitarist for their project:

An affordable, easy and convenient way to get pro-quality guitar tracks for your project is right here

Convenient – stay home and have it done over the internet.

Affordable – No hiring a studio AND a session guitarist AND a studio engineer

No Risk – Better than a money back guarantee – “No Win. No Fee” you don’t pay a cent until you’ve approved the tracks I’ve recorded and have heard exactly what you want

Pro Quality – Not just pro-quality equipment, but a professional session guitar player with over 20 years experience.

  • Not just songs – soundtracks, commercials, background music …
  • Broadcast and release quality assured
  • Tracks are recorded and produced in a professional quality analogue and digital home recording studio in Melbourne, Australia, using top quality gear.

What I Do

* All guitar parts on the songs page were performed by me

  • Lead, Rhythm or both
  • Acoustic or Electric
  • I'm a versatile player and can adapt to many genres - Metal, Pop, Funk, Hard Rock, punk and Blues are my specialties.
  • No overplaying and showing off, but not ever deliberately avoiding the fast or impressive licks – WHATS RIGHT FOR THE SONG is my policy. I’m technically proficient, but am renowned for coming up with creative rhythm parts and melodic solos. I play what the song requires.
  • Impresario stuff if requested
  • Melodic solos
  • I have beautiful improvisation skills and his biggest strength is giving your song a melodic and emotional solo
  • I have great writing skills and if requested, can contribute creatively to your project
  • Creative or basic rhythm parts
  • Can create string, brass or other orchestral arrangements as well
  • I can follow your direction to the letter or have creative input

If you’re not sure whether or not can do your project because it’s a bit (or a lot) left of center then let me hear it – I love a challenge and I’m confident that I can do a great job and just maybe surprise you!

The Process

1  We talk about your project
2  You send me your song with an outline of what you want done
3  I send you a rough draft for you to approve / make amendments
4  I record the track(s) and send you a download link