The Grateful Journey

A path to enlightenment told through song


This is the story of a soul’s enlightenment. It is a journey discovering one’s true self as well as discovering the loving nature of creation. In this story, a human discovers the essence of gratitude - being grateful for all the events of life, including the painful ones.  He discovers that all events are designed to help him fulfil his purpose, his mission; and in turn to help him discover his true self.


This story takes the form of a dialogue between a human and Creation. This story is not affiliated with any religion. The word “Creation” may be substituted with “The Universe” or “All That Is” or “God”. For the purpose of this story’s message, “Creation” is a collective noun for all that is; the grand collective consciousness of the universe.


This album has a purpose, it brings a message. This message is for those who are feeling the weight of the world upon them, like they are buried, like they are reaching the limit of how much pain they can take. It is for those feeling overwhelmed by the burdens of life and are feeling unsure of their reason for being here. It is for those who may be in search for answers to why painful things have happened, or are happening, to them. It is for those with self-image issues or poignant existential questions.  I hope the message of this album provides counsel to people experiencing these negative states.

That message is this: You are perfect, just as you are. Whatever you have or have not done, whatever path you have travelled, you are worthy of love. Your voice is heard. You are loved, and you are not alone. Don’t give up now! Every moment in life is giving you exactly what you need to fulfil your destiny, and living your destiny is the greatest gift you could give humanity.

I hope this album inspires you to take a step towards making your dreams come true. I hope this album helps and inspires people to overcome negative states. Emotions like anger, hatred, resentment, depression and anxiety are only symptoms of not seeing the love that the universe is made of. Creation wants to help you. Creation wants you to be in a better place and they are giving you what they can. It can be hard to see it, just keep asking yourself – “where’s the love” – I promise you’ll find it if you keep looking, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. When we see all events as guiding us (or even pushing us) towards your joyful destiny, we experience no anger or resentment. Just love. We become truly grateful for all that is. This brings inner peace. We then see ourselves as perfect. We then love ourselves unconditionally, as well as others, without judgement or ego. From there, we can understand our place in the world. This clears the path to follow one’s heart and fulfil our destiny. You have everything you need, inside and outside of you, to live a joyful and fulfilled life.

I do not profess or preach without qualification. This story is autobiographical - a set of critical observations. Everything described herein, I have experienced, and the lyrics reflect the wisdom that I gathered throughout this journey. Though painful, this journey took me closer to understanding my true self, my destiny and the mind of God. I am excited to share this story with humanity. I want it to help and inspire people to overcome negative states, love themselves, love the world, follow their heart and fulfil their destiny!

Chapter 1: Introduction

More Than You Could Know

Creation says hello to the audience, and tells them that no matter who they are, where they come from or what they have or have not done, they are loved by Creation more than it is possible to comprehend as a three dimensional being. Creation states that love is everywhere, and there is a special place that one can go to see the proof.


Hello people, I don’t know where you go…

When it’s over - how do you go home?

Maybe with friends maybe all alone

Or to the one that you call the love of your life

It is no matter, how you travel - Coz I’m here to tell you

You are loved more than you could know


My love is all around you

More than you could know

And every place you’ve been to

Love did set you there

And I know a place where you can

Ask the reason why

And there, you will see, there’s only love

There, you will see, there’s only love

Chapter 2: The Darkness

You Will Never Know

The human retorts. He has experienced extensive pain throughout life and sees no evidence of this “love” that is apparently all around. He feels strong like a mountain, but all alone and lost, with no light, like he has become monster. He is stuck in this negative state.


Human to Creation:

I hear you saying, that your love is all around

But when I need you, you are nowhere to be found

And all in all, I think you are not what you say


You will never know, and you will never see

How lost I can be

You will never know, and you will never see

The pain that I feel


I am mountain, I am monster, I am all alone


Life is not fair, and I know you know this

You always push, and never give

You watch me run, and then you watch me fall down

Don’t You Bleed?

Continuing the anger, the human considers the countless painful events of his life and scorns creation for being a callous and tormenting tyrant. “Bleed” is a metaphor for empathy or compassion. In this song he asks - “How could you be so cruel? You hurt me, then you tease me with the possibility of a beautiful experience… then you pull it away… then you taunt me by giving it to somebody else right in my face…then you push more pain on to me.” The human feels buried under the painful events that come so consistently.

Human to Creation:

Calling out, or calling in

No-one hears, or no-one cares

Well I am all alone, and I have nothing here

Could you be so kind


But instead you push me deeper in the fire, closing to hell


Don’t you bleed? Don’t you feel all the pain you put on me?

Don’t you bleed? Don’t you feel? Is it a game, to bury me?


I heard that you have some virtue

But you strike me ever after


You watch me run, you watch me fall

It makes no sense, I gave you all

Well you will never know, just what you’ve done to me

I the monster now


But I have to be the one who stands alone, and takes the pain


Don’t you bleed? Don’t you feel all the pain you put on me?

Don’t you bleed? Don’t you feel? Is it a game, to bury me?


I heard that you have some virtue

But you strike me ever after


I never knew there could be this kind of cruel, coming out of you

You are supposed to love all of us

Well now that you pushed me all the way to hell, I will open up the door

And I will take what is waiting there


I’d rather be the one who stands alone, and takes the pain

Chapter 3: The Light

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